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Integral platform for communication and management of teaching materials through the Internet. Ideal for schools that need to communicate with all the actors at the institution and level up to a virtual space.
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Family Environment

Exclusive access for parents and tutors system to track their children's performance at the school and to communicate with teachers and tutors.

Web Site and Blog
Publish and share the institution's information by independently managing the information.
Virtual Classroom
Level up to Internet classes allowing your teachers to publish materials, activities and assessments.
Establish an effective communication between teachers, parents, tutors and students.
Generate the report card and share it with students and parents.
Compatible with Mobile
Adaptive design (responsive) and Android app. Download Educativa Mobile .
Offer your classrooms, allowing self-registration of users.
Digital Journal
Versatile management of news included in your site.
Export statistical information of the course's activity.
Link and validate with academic or external management systems.
Personalized look and feel
Immediate implementation with training included.
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