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Training and talent management tool within organizations. Define positions, manage per skill, design career plans and obtain the necessary reports and indicators.
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Organizational Chart
Define profiles and positions based on the organization's structure.
Performance Management
Set objectives, follow up, allow for self-assessment and assess your collaborators.
Skill-based Management
Define the desired level of skills for each position, its assessment and GAP automatic report.
Career Plan
Define the training circuit that each employee must carry out based on their skills or position.
History of Trainings Available for personal and senior views.

Motivate self-instruction by sharing training resources.

Link and validate with any external system (SAP or Peoplesoft, among others).
Design and implement automatic messages based on the student's progress and course dates.
Surveys and Assessments
Carry out the assessment online with automatic results and obtain feedback on your project.
Allows for in-class or part-time attendance management.
Design, generate and send your own attendance or approval certificates.
Courses Pack included

Ready-to-use pre-installed course pack: Corporate Skills and MS Office.

Standard and customized reports.
Includes Campus and can be integrated with Videoconference
The choice for large companies
  • Toyota
  • Arcor
  • Bayer
  • Codere
  • Frávega
  • Banco Hipotecario
  • San Cristóbal Seguros
  • Banco de Córdoba
  • BPN
  • Tarjeta Shopping
  • Randstad
  • Avon
  • Monsanto
  • Compañía Argentina de Granos
  • Berkley International
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