Integrate your preferred video conferencing tool to our campus. Give classes, presentations, meet with audio / video 24 hours.
Communicate in real time with your favorite app

In the virtual campus we give the possibility of use any videoconferencing system, the one that is most comfortable for you.

▪ We use the LTI protocol, which allows us to integrate the video conferencing tool that you like most.
▪ You can also schedule your meetings by generating links to share with your guests.

LTI: it is a standard that allows integrate third-party applications compatible with said protocol.

Exhibit - Discuss - Display
Possibility of collaborating with and sharing: PC desk, windows, chat, applications or files.
As a presenter, you will have a pointer and a virtual board with different drawing and writing tools.
Save the session for later use.
Obtain instant feedback and decision-making reports.
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You only need a browser, no software needed

Completely integrated with Ejecutiva Campus Escuela Suite