Integrate your preferred video conferencing tool to our campus. Give classes, presentations, meet with audio / video 24 hours.
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Communicate in real time with your favorite app

In the virtual campus we give the possibility of use any videoconferencing system, the one that is most comfortable for you.

▪ We use the LTI protocol, which allows us to integrate the video conferencing tool that you like most.
▪ You can also schedule your meetings by generating links to share with your guests.

LTI: it is a standard that allows integrate third-party applications compatible with said protocol.

Exhibit - Discuss - Display
Possibility of collaborating with and sharing: PC desk, windows, chat, applications or files.
As a presenter, you will have a pointer and a virtual board with different drawing and writing tools.
Save the session for later use.
Obtain instant feedback and decision-making reports.
No time limit
Available 24hs, 7 days a week You only need a browser, no software needed
You only need a browser, no software needed

Completely integrated with Ejecutiva Campus Escuela Suite
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