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Escuela Suite features

General Characteristics
  • Fully Manageable
    Easy and intuitive configuration of all features and sections.
  • Group Work Oriented
    It enables management of virtual areas for a determined group of users.
  • Multi-Language
    Configure all captions and instructions for any language.
Content Management
  • Teaching Guide
    Organize teaching materials by class.
  • Activitie
    Track assignments with a teacher-student interactions detailed report.
  • Enriched Text Editors
    Embed images, videos, animations and 2.0 objects, plus text within the created contents.
  • Pre-Designed Templates
    Suggested grids to organize different contents.
  • Glossary
    Class or course-specific terms dictionary.
  • Mathematical Formulas
    Insert mathematical formulas when working with any editor on campus.
Compatible with Standards
  • SCORM and LOM compatible.
  • It supports user synchronization with external databases through SOAP Web Services (LDAP - Active Directory).
  • Argentina
    Compatible with Argentina's System SIU-Guarani of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
  • Chile
    Compatible with Chile's SENSE - Ministry of Employment and Social Security.
  • Uruguay
    Compatible with the educational management system Guri.
  • Display
    Publish all sorts of informative content in this section.
  • Reports and Program
    Reports on participation and course progress. Thorough tracking in all sections.
  • News and Updates
    Manage news or information articles.
  • Notice Board
    Area to publish classified ads or public access messages.
  • Desk
    Personal area to rearrange the general perspective of the classes.
  • Contacts
    Direct communication with class members.
  • Chat
    Private and public chat room.
  • Calendar
    Manage events or significant dates.
  • Tests
    Interactive multiple and simple choice, fill in the blanks and true or false activities.
  • Report Card
    Manage the grades given by the instructor.
  • Surveys
    User satisfaction verification, performance feedback of the course.
  • Object Repository
    Study material storage for easy reuse which avoids replication. Based on LOM Standard.
  • File Depot
    Area for publishing files in different formats.
  • Web Links
    Area for link recommendations.
  • Debate Forums
    Area for moderating discussion topics.
  • Wiki
    Update to create a better collaborative area.
  • Messaging
    Mailbox and mass mailing feature for instructors.
  • Videoconference (optional)
    Real time audio-video communication tool.